Before and After the Election

We, as a country, have a lot of healing to do after this election. It has been disturbing to witness the levels of dissonance that have escalated over the last year. We have to carefully analyze the norms of discourse we have created and actively work to reduce hate and divisiveness, in ourselves and in our communities. No matter how much disdain you may feel for someone who disagrees with your politics, at the end of the day, we need each other. Avoid condescension. Care for your neighbor. Be the change you wish to see. Give love.
If we all love our country more than we love our political party, this should be possible. If we can focus on our common ideals and love of freedom, this should be possible.
Love trumps hate. Even if it seems that the reverse was voted into office last night. God is still in control. He is- and will always be- my King. I will bow to Him alone.
My first response was familiar to most of you: what country is hospitable to American immigrants? Iceland? Ecuador? Where can I go to escape the inevitable destruction of our country?
But then I realized I need to check my privilege. Running away and leaving a dumpster fire burning in my native country isn’t the answer. 
To my immigrant, refugee, Muslim, and LGBTQ brothers and sisters: I am so sorry. Please know that I stand by you, and I will do everything in my power to stand up for you and ensure your voices heard. Hate was given a megaphone on Tuesday night, but I will work and pray for Love and Compassion to prevail. I vow to not be apathetic to your oppression.
To my fellow white Americans: Let’s take responsibility. We have elected a man who has promised to attack our fellow Americans because of their beliefs and nationalities. We have been indifferent to white supremacy. Let’s make it clear that we will no longer be complacent in the oppression of marginalized communities. Let’s be honest about our resentments and prejudices. Let’s critically think about why we are quick to identify someone as “Other.” Let’s repent. Let’s resist. Let’s get to work.

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